Google Innovation and Business Model

Superior Innovation Innovation is wildly important in the business world; it is the essence of understanding customer needs and wants and being able to serve them effectively and efficiently (Rajapathirana & Hui 2018). Innovation is the ability to adapt to a dynamic and ever-changing market, which leads to increased competitiveness and generally increased profitability as wellContinue reading “Google Innovation and Business Model”

Social Media: Do Celebrities Call all the Shots?

Social media is a complex online ecosystem that features many different groups. The main 3 groups are organisations, influences and consumers. The mind-boggling fact is that no matter what your logging on for you will end up consuming media in many different ways! So how can we better understand the strategic way to use socialContinue reading “Social Media: Do Celebrities Call all the Shots?”

Understanding Online Customer Experience

As someone who doesn’t own a car and gets around on a bike it can be difficult to shop in stores especially for larger items that are hard to carry. This makes me quite an experienced online shopper. For example, when I am doing a large grocery shop, I often decide to purchase online and get itContinue reading “Understanding Online Customer Experience”